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Agro Chemicals

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They are capable of maintaining the aroma and taste of these acidic products for a very long time. Many time moisture in the environment hit these products hard resulting in the foul rotten smell. Our packaging process prevents moisture get into the container as we provide multilayer polymer protection and airtight lid over the jar and a completely protective cap over it. So, with our classy protective packaging process, your spicy pickles and tangy sauces can stay fresh from long and long time as we are best in our own way.

HDPE – High-Density Polyethylene, which is a special kind of non-corrosive containers for storing chemicals like acids.
PET- Polyethylene Terephthalate is a specially designed plastic container with a kind of hard texture
PP: Polypropylene which is derived from the polymerisation of propane gas and is highly efficient for storing chemicals.

We provide the best protection for your agriculture based chemical so that they can retain their original chemical property until and unless they are used. If agrochemicals are not stored with proper care they can even damage whole season’s crop, so our monolayered container stores these essentially chemical with care so that they can deliver the expected result as big farmlands depend on these small bottles of agrochemicals. We are here to protect your crop and deliver the best results.