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PET Bottles

The plastic bottle industry has been on boom since its advent, all thanks to the high durability it offers. The wide range application of plastic bottles in almost every industry makes them the most popular choice. Plastic bottles are highly versatile items with multiple uses. PET also known as Polyethylene terephthalate is a result of combination of two chemicals – purified terephthalic acid (PAT) and ethylene glycol (EG).  We deal in high quality PET bottles across different regions.

What is PET?

PET is basically a thermoplastic which is much efficient than the normal plastic. Mainly, used in the beverage industry for storage of cold drinks, sodas, water etc., they are famous all around the globe. They are also put into use for storing mineral water, juices, oils, cosmetics, pharmaceutical etc.

Properties of PET are as follows:-

  • Density: 1.38~1.40g/mm3
  • Glass Tempurature: 82°C
  • Crystallinity: >=45%
  • Melting Temperature: 254-256°C

Advantages or specialty of our PET bottles:-

  1. Pure – Our PET bottles comply well with international food contact regulations. They do not react with the food or beverage kept inside them. Pure in form and high in efficiency, our PET bottles will never cause any harm to your drinks.
  2. Crystal clear – Our products have a crystal clear finish. They are usually neat and attract a large number of audiences, increasing the overall revenue of the product being sold in them.
  3. Light weight – Our special PET bottles are usually light weight and helps you save a lot of shipping costs. It is also thinner, hence providing more storage space for the products.
  4. No leakage – Our bottles are strong enough and do not cause any leakage.
  5. Recyclable – Remolding can be done after crushing our bottles which can be then put into different uses.
  6. Design flexibility – all shapes, designs, sizes and colors are available. Customization is also possible as per individual demand.

Industries in which we serve:-

S.No. Industries
1 Dairy
2 Beverages
3 Agro Chemicals
4 Food Products
5 Pharma
6 Sauces & Candiments
7 Pickles & Spices
8 Liquor & Spirits
9 Personal Care
10 Home Care

The Procedure we follow for production of PET Bottles -

  1. There are two methods for producing PET bottles:-
    1. One- step ‘hot perform’ method: – An efficient machine is put into use for producing bottles on a large scale in one single step. Mold of the preform is given a definite shape using an injection. The mold is then removed from the injection cavity. Blowing of preform turns it into a crystal clear bottle. Temperature remains constantly high during the whole procedure.
    2. Two step ‘cold perform’ method:- this involves two individual machines for carrying out the injecting and blowing procedure. Drying and dehumidifying of PET happens during the first step. Injecting of the PET molds happens next. Finally, stretch blowing of the PER preforms into a container is the final step.

    If you are looking for a highly reliable source for PET Bottle, then SOMMET GROUP is the place to get in touch with. Our highly durable bottles come in various shapes and designs. They are also extremely versatile and can be used for storing different beverages and food items.