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PET Jars

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PolyEthylene Terepthalate – sounds very difficult to pronounce and understand. However, is equally easy to use. It is the polymer, which is used to make the PET Jars and Containers we use in our daily life. Loaded with various unmatchable features, PET Jars made up of thermoplastic polymer resin belonging to the polyester family. Due to this composition and manufacturing process, PET Jars are having the-

following features:-

  1. Pet Jars are waterproof. This protects your food or other contents within it from accidental spill or splash of water over it. Even if your Pet jar along with its contents falls in water, the contents will be safe from getting water loaded.
  2. Pet Jars have moisture barring potential, which keeps your food articles safe even in intense humid conditions. This avoids softening of crispy food articles like chips, cookies, biscuits or snacks at times of extreme humidity.
  3. Pet Jars are thermoformed. This makes them temperature resistant. Pet jars can withstand the chill of your freezer and can withstand oven-baking temperatures. This helps you in preserving food at low temperatures as well as restores its quality by heating it in your oven.
  4. Pet jars are durable and can tolerate falls and jerks without generating crack on it or being broken. This helps you to use them in carrying food on journeys, picnics or any destination. Your carefree nature is not going to harm them.
  5. Pet jars are airtight. They can store volatile substances and liquids without letting their essence escape to air.
  6. Composition of Pet Jars is hygroscopic. This enables them to absorb moisture from its surrounding. Hence, it dries soon after cleaning and can absorb excess moisture from your food keeping it fresh and eatable.
  7. Pet jars are biodegradable. This helps you protect your environment. It does not hamper the quality of soil and get decomposed in it soon.
  8. It is safe to use. In spite of its rigid and durable nature, they are gentle in surface. They are not having piercing or sharp edges like that of glass jars sometimes. On falling, they do not break and scatter which reduces all probabilities to get hurt by being pierced. Even kids can use them without any worry.

You can store cooking oil, spices and condiments, butter, snacks, cookies and biscuit in pet jars. Due to its airtight property, volatile substances like camphor, food essence, liquid sanitizers and antiseptics can also be kept in the pet jars. You can store and carry cooked food articles in pet containers. Pet jars can also be used to preserve fruit juice and pickles.

Attractive features of our pet jars are –

  • They are available in various shapes and size which can suit your need.
  • They are available in attractive colors.
  • Varieties of design are also available.
  • They are not harmed if handled carelessly. They are biodegradable and not a “handle with care” object.
  • Use them in your kitchen, washroom or use them to carry food


S.No. Neck Type Weight (gms) Suggested Application
1 73mm 27 300ml/450 ml Jar
2 73mm 35 750ml/450 ml Jar
3 83mm 38 750 ml/1000ml Jar
4 83mm 44 750 ml/1500ml Jar
5 83mm 50 750 ml/2000ml Jar
6 83mm 55 1500ml/3000ml Jar
7 83mm 60 1500ml/3000ml Jar
8 120mm 100 4000ml/6000ml
9 120mm 110 4000ml/6000ml
10 120mm 240 4000ml/8000ml
11 120mm 300 9000ml/12000 ml
12 120mm 360 12 Ltrs

Give us a call right now to make an order for the best PET jars which are versatile enough to suit all your needs..